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Ancient Life Ways

Agricultural Practices

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Archaeologist Bret Ruby explains how the land for miles around earthworks was probably marked by extensive farm fields.


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Which plants were domesticated by the Hopewell, how they were grown, and how gardening may have affected the landscape, filmed at the Fort Ancient garden.

A Hopewell Settlement

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Two houses surround a yard in which objects (flint, hearth, squash, textiles, basket) introduce topics about the daily life of the earthwork builders.

Growing and Preparing Food

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An explanation of the Fort Ancient culture's agricultural practices and heavy reliance on corn, with Dr. Andrew Sawyer.

Town and Family Life

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Dr. Andrew Sawyer explains she social organization of Fort Ancient era culture, based on pottery finds from SunWatch Village, near Dayton.

Hopewell Interaction Sphere

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Dr. Robert Hall describes the nature of the trade networks and other influences that spread Hopewell ideas far across the continent.

Shadows and Time

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Dr. Andrew Sawyer, curator of SunWatch Village, explains solar observation and the agricultural calendar in Fort Ancient culture.

Gain many rewarding insights from your visits to the ancient earthworks in OHIO!